Retired K9's

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K9 Ned

K9 Ned, a Belgian Malinois, retired at the age of 12, in July of 2015, serving more than 400 deployments with the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office.


K9 Fergie

K9 Fergie, a Dutch shepherd, retired at age 10 on March 28th, 2017, after eight years and more than 500 deployments with the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office.

Fergie takes daily medications, totally over $150 per month, for her various medical conditions she acquired over the years. Now that Fergie has retired at home, this is the responsibility of her former handler, Deputy Boden. Friends of BSCK9 is proud to cover the cost of Fergie’s medications.

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K9 Vulcan

K9 Vulcan and Deputy Eric Robinson

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K9 Buster

K9 Buster retired in July 2019 from the jail after serving for 5 years. Buster was the first K9 assigned to the jail and was deployed times. He made many finds of narcotics and contraband. His handler, Deputy Jason Ryan, researched, proposed, and successfully implemented the jail K9 program.